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  • The GROUP

    High definition, 3D television, content digitisation, online services...

    Groupe Transatlantic is at the forefront of changes in the audio-visual industry.

    Specialising in technical support for television and advertising professionals as well as content owners, Groupe Transatlantic offers a complete range of services, highly skilled teams, state-of-the-art technical and technological solutions and great office space capacity.

  • Seven companies adapted to the needs of the market.

    A multi-company group keen to preserve each subsidiary's character, providing a better guarantee of tailor-made services.

  • Centreville Télévision
    and Digital for TELEVISION:

    post-production for TV programmes: management of rushes, editing, colour grading, sound mixing, TV idents, trailers, digital mastering, video duplication, conversions and standardisation, digital media

    Medialab Technology and One More for ADVERTISING:

    post-production for TV commercials, scanning and telecine, editing, colour grading, computer graphics, CGI, special effects, digital mastering, video duplication, digital media.


    > post-production for TV fiction programmes, editing, colour grading, sound studios.
    >lab services: DVD/Blu-ray, VOD, picture and sound digital restoration, subtitling, audio and video lab, data lab, e-servicing, storage and logistics

  • Human scale companies which are located close to their customers and have the means of a leading group

    A range of services set up around complementary companies, each with individual characteristics and unique know-how

    Shared human resources and techniques, unique in France

    6 sites ideally situated in Paris, Boulogne and Issy-les-Moulineaux, near broadcasters, producers, agencies and publishers

Groupe Transatlantic
Specialising in picture and sound processing and post-production.